Hi, my name is Caitlin.  I have always been passionate about design and the environment.  Through my time studying the industry, I have evolved my understanding of fashion to include sustainability.  While interning for a non-profit in Port au Prince, Haiti, I became interested in ethically made products.  This experience inspired me to pursue a Sustainable Studies minor.  In the fall of 2017, I had the opportunity to study at the Accedemia Del Italiana in Florence, where I was inspired by her studies in art as a way to communicate.
This past summer, while interning in NYC, I began studying the relationship between our industrialized society and how it interacts with nature. My most recent collection, Survival, is inspired by the complexity of this relationship, illustrating through fashion how these opposing areas both compete and harmonize with one another.  The goal of my line is to express the issues we see today with the struggle to find peace between development and the environment.  In order to illustrate this complex relationship we find today, the collection is composed of synthetic materials like vinyl, neoprene, and mesh in combination with livings plants.  The line begins with nature being very kept and in control, with function and structure as the main focus.  As the line develops, the plants become less manicured and begin to overgrow the structure they are a part of. 
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